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This policy was last updated on June 22, 2020

The Arts Institutes International LLC (The Art Institutes, “我们”或“我们的”)致力于保护我们所保留的有关您的任何个人信息. Consistent with our Privacy Principles, 我们希望您了解我们可能会向您收集哪些信息, how this information may be used, the steps we take to protect it, 您对我们使用和披露您个人信息的选择, and other information about our privacy practices. This Privacy Policy (this "Policy") applies to the online collection of information by our websites, 链接到本政策或采用本政策的网页和移动应用程序.
为方便读者,本隐私政策分为几个部分. 如果您想跳转到特定部分,请点击以下链接:


We may collect a range of information from you if you visit our site or mobile application depending upon the features you use.

We may collect personal information, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card numbers, 您在我们的网站或移动应用程序上填写表格或交易过程中可能提供的社会安全号码或其他标识符. 我们网站的某些部分可能会从使用这些功能的个人那里收集额外的信息,例如接受求职者的简历或从学生和申请人那里收集申请经济援助的信息.

我们可能会收集有关您用于访问我们网站或移动应用程序的浏览器和/或设备的信息(例如您使用的浏览器或设备的类型), browser settings, and the device identification number). Device information may or may not be personally identifiable depending upon whether it is linked to the identity of the user.

We may automatically log information, such as a user's IP address, domain name, browser type, date and time of access, and other log file data. This information may be used to analyze trends or administer our websites and mobile applications. 我们可能会收集有关我们用户的统计信息或非个人身份信息, such as which pages are visited, how long a visitor stays on a particular page, the website from which a user came to our site, or similar such information. We also may collect aggregate information such as the total number of unique or return visitors to our site, using our application, or visiting a particular page in a given timeframe. We may use this information to measure the use of our sites and applications and to improve our content. We may use Google Analytics, a third party provider of analytics tools or a similar third party service to analyze information about visits to our website. For information about opting out of Google Analytics please visit:

Does your website use cookies or similar technologies?

是的,我们可能会在我们的网站上使用“cookie”、网络信标和其他类似技术. We may use first and/or third party "browser" or "HTTP" cookies, which are unique text files that may be used for data analysis, and enable our website to tailor information for the visitor. 我们可能会将浏览器cookie用于个性化用户在我们网站上的体验等目的, 在用户注册产品或服务时记住用户, for fraud prevention, or to track visits to our websites. We also may use "web beacons" (also referred to as pixel tags, clear gifs or other terms) or similar technologies to collect information such as how long a visitor remains on a particular page. 如果您不希望我们在您访问我们的网站时在您的设备上部署浏览器cookie, you may set the browser to reject cookies or to notify the user when a web site tries to place cookies in the browser program (see below). 拒绝cookies可能会影响您使用本网站提供的某些功能. 如果您使用我们的网站而没有将浏览器设置为阻止cookie, you consent to the placement of cookies on your device.

Third parties, 包括我们的服务提供商或营销合作伙伴在内,可能会在访问者使用我们的网站时,随时间和/或跨不同网站收集有关访问者的信息. 这些信息通常是与浏览器或设备相关的汇总数据或个人信息,而不是访问者的姓名和地址等特定标识符, but some of this information might be considered to be personally identifiable under some federal or state laws.


一些互联网浏览器已经开始提供通常被称为“不跟踪”的机制,让浏览器用户自动向他们访问的网站发出隐私偏好的信号. 互联网浏览器最近才开始包含这些功能,当网站从网站访问者的浏览器接收到“请勿跟踪”信号时,网站应该采取什么步骤,或者当收到“请勿跟踪”信号时,应该应用哪些信息收集或使用限制,目前还没有达成共识. 因此,我们的网站目前不响应不跟踪信号. 我们将继续监测事态发展,并可能在未来重新审视这个问题. In the meantime, you can exercise other choices available to you, 包括使用浏览器的cookie控制功能和本政策中描述的其他选项限制浏览器cookie在您设备上的放置.

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How is my information used?

We may use the information we collect through our site or mobile application for the following purposes:

  • 回应我们网站用户或移动应用程序用户要求的信息请求或促进交易或通信;
  • To process requests and applications for prospective students;
  • 处理与学生的注册、经济援助、学术和其他互动;
  • To facilitate the educational experiences and career services offered to our students and alumni;
  • To improve and administer our websites and mobile applications;
  • 履行我们的教育使命,促进学生的教育;
  • To better understand the needs of the users of our sites and mobile applications and create content that is relevant to the user;
  • For marketing and market research purposes;
  • To generate statistics and de-identified data;
  • To personalize content for the user;
  • To notify the user of any changes with our website or mobile application which may affect the user;
  • 执行我们网站或移动应用程序的使用条款;
  • For historical, statistical or business planning purposes;
  • To prevent fraud and investigate potential misconduct; or
  • To comply with law and legal process.

We do not share, sell or lease personal information about you except as set forth in this Policy.


You have a number of choices regarding our collection and use of information through our websites and mobile devices:

如果你被要求提供肯定的信息, such as to complete a form, or an application, or a survey on our website, you may decline to do so. Please understand, however, 在某些情况下,需要某些信息来完成申请, form or survey, 如果您拒绝提供所要求的信息,您可能无法提交申请或请求,也无法使用我们网站或移动应用程序的某些功能.

如果您想限制我们在您的设备上放置cookies, 请参阅常见问题解答“我对设备上cookie的位置有哪些选择”?" above.

If you prefer that we no longer contact you by phone about potential educational opportunities at our school, please e-mail us at [email protected].

如果您不希望收到我们的电子邮件营销信息, please use the opt-out instructions included in the email message to opt-out of additional communications.


Can I access and request correction of personal information I provide through the website or mobile application?

Yes. 如果您通过我们的网站提供的信息包含在教育记录中那么我们将根据家庭教育权利和隐私法案(FERPA)提供访问该信息的权限, as applicable.

在不属于学生教育记录的个人信息的情况下, it is our policy, with certain exceptions, to provide individuals with access to personal information that is maintained in The Art Institutes’ files. In some cases, the website may allow you to log-in to directly access and/or correct information you have provided. In other cases, such as web forms that you may submit through the site, 如果您想获得您所提供信息的副本,您可以通过以下方式与我们联系 [email protected]. 当您更新信息时,我们可能会保留先前版本的副本以备记录.

Exceptions to access and correction rights may include:

  • Where the burden or expense of providing access would be disproportionate to the risks to the individual's privacy in the case in question;
  • Where the rights of persons other than the individual would be violated; or
  • 关于个人要求更正或删除资料, 在法律要求我们保留个人信息的情况下.

We require that an individual provide reasonable validation of his or her identity before we provide access to personal information from our files. 如欲查阅或更正资料,请电邮至 [email protected].

您可以要求我们删除您在我们网站上发布的信息, online services, and applications that is accessible to other users of the website, service or application such as comments, social media posts, or blog entries, 通过使用网站提供的功能(如果有的话), service, 或您用来发布信息或发送电子邮件的应用程序 [email protected] specifying the information that you are requesting that we remove and sufficient information about where you posted it so that we can locate it. Please note that a deletion request may not result in complete or comprehensive removal of the content from our website, service, 或在法律允许或要求我们保留该信息的范围内应用. For example, 如果我们出于合规性目的需要保存信息,或者您未遵守上述指示,则信息可能不会被删除, 例如,未能提供足够的资料让我们处理您的要求. Similarly, if information that you posted has been stored, republished or reposted by a third party, 或者你因提供内容而得到补偿或报酬, that information may not be subject to deletion.


We may disclose information with your consent or as otherwise necessary or appropriate to process a transaction that you may request.

We may disclose information that we collect through our websites or mobile applications with agents, affiliated businesses, and service providers providing services on our behalf.

We may disclose information, as applicable, to the U.S. Department of Education; state or provincial education agencies, to other regulators, or our accrediting organizations.

如果我们的公司或我们的部分资产被出售、转让或用作担保,或在某种程度上我们与我们的业务伙伴进行业务谈判, the information collected on our websites or mobile applications, including this site, 可以作为交易或谈判的一部分转让或共享给第三方吗.

If we receive a request from law enforcement officials or judicial authorities to provide information on individuals, we may provide such information. In matters involving claims of personal or public safety or in litigation where the data is pertinent, 我们可能会在没有法院命令的情况下使用或披露您的个人信息.

我们可能会使用您提交的信息来调查安全漏洞, misconduct, 或以其他方式配合当局根据法律事项.


我们认识到您可能关心您的个人信息的安全,我们承诺采用合理的技术来保护我们网站的安全. Even with such technology, no website is 100% secure. We take reasonable measures that we believe are appropriate to protect your information from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction. We will ask any agents and service providers to whom we may transfer your information take comparable steps to protect that security.

If you use this site or mobile application, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any user ID and password or other access credentials that you may be provided. You should notify us immediately if any user ID and password or other access credentials we may issue you are compromised.

What is "Refer-A-Friend"?

我们可能会为您提供机会,要求我们从我们的网站发送内容,或以其他方式联系您认为可能对我们的计划感兴趣的朋友或家人. If you choose to make such a referral, which is voluntary, we may ask you for your name and contact information as well as contact information for the individual or individuals that you refer, such as their name, email address and/or phone number. 当我们与您的朋友联系时,我们可能会将您确定为推荐方. 此功能仅用于推荐您认为有兴趣通过电话或电子邮件与我们联系的现有关系的个人.


Yes, our website may include links to other websites or links that facilitate your ability to post content to social media platforms. 本政策仅适用于链接到本政策的网站. 请注意,我们链接到的网站可能会收集有关您的信息,并根据他们自己的隐私惯例进行操作,这些惯例可能与本政策不同. Similarly, if you post content to social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, whether you do so manually or using a widget offered on our site, 请记住,您的社交媒体帖子将根据您发布信息的社交媒体网站提供,并且一旦您通过发布信息向第三方提供信息,您控制信息的能力可能会受到限制. Remember to consult the privacy policy of any websites you may visit regarding their privacy practices.


The privacy policy posted on the website you were visiting, if any, 是否适用于该网站上发生的任何信息收集. Our privacy policy applies to your activity on our site.

If I am using the site from outside the United States will information collected through the site be transferred to the United States?

This site is designed primarily for users from the United States. By using this site, 来自其他国家的用户同意将收集到的任何个人或其他信息转移到美国,并将其保存在美国的服务器上,您的信息将根据本政策和适用的美国联邦法律进行使用和披露, state, and local law.


COPPA规范了13岁以下儿童在线收集个人信息的行为. This site is not intended or designed to attract users under the age of 13 or to collect personal information from such users. 我们不会收集任何我们所知道的13岁以下的人的个人身份信息,13岁以下的人不应通过本网站提交任何个人信息. 如果我们得知我们无意中收集了13岁以下儿童的个人信息,我们将从我们的文件中删除该信息.

How will changes to this Policy be communicated?


Who can I contact with questions regarding this Policy?


Compliance Department – Privacy Practices
The Art Institutes
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Email: [email protected]